Who had imagined 20 years after the release of the Grand Prix Legends, this Game/Sim still lives

The release in 1998 might not be more unfortunate. Most people might not have a 3D card & those who had one, went of course after 3D games & whatever you had a 3D card, you didn't know if it survived in the fight for 3D. I refuse to start talking about online issues with, for example, a 56k modem
I had Matrox Mystique when got the first demo with Watkins Glen, graphics were to say it nicely, awful...but there was an indescribable feeling/atmosphere & not least, this seems like a real sim as we had been expecting with after Indy 500, IndyCar Racing & NASCAR Racing. The biggest online success at this time I think, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, everyone had got a 3D card & not least, many were on ADSL.
Still a disappointment when you bought the finished GPL CD, if you wanted 3D you had to buy a 3Dfx addOn card, now GPL became...WOW.
Already the following year I was on GeForce 256, a new name about 3D (nVidia) & to my luck, came a little later, D3D patch which is still being used.
GPL was not only in combat with 3D cards, people who would have the full pleasure, this required a set of steering wheel & pedals.
You might say 3Dfx & D3D became the rescue for GPL. The struggle was still tough, in 2002, nVidia bought 3Dfx & the day after was 3Dfx...

No matter what, Grand Prix Legends might be the best buy ever
(I still have one back of GPL CD box, not even cellophane is broken)
Many thanks to the people of Sierra & Papyrus. We should not forget a thank you to GPLEA & for those who build new tracks & updates