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    Active Leagues

    It's kind of exciting to open VROC/iGOR & discover...there is still activity
    Trying to find links to all of them...that is left:

    Org GPL 1967 Links

    oAo here is run in two divisions, D1 & D2 (USA) Vroc/iGor (36/60fps)

    UKGPL here are also run in two divisions, Works & privateers (UK) iGor (60fps)

    EOLC servers that have run for many years in Vroc (DE) Vroc/iGOR (36/60fps)

    F1 Legends (Looks like a good league, unfortunately in conflict with time with other leagues) (France) Vroc
    ***The F1Legends website has definitely closed.
    Thank you to everyone who participated in this great adventure!

    GeLi (Gentlemen's? (Gay) League)...a tough League, race is many laps as close to the real 1967 (DE) Vroc (60fps)

    ADC (more info on the way) (?)

    GPA (Not friendly with another nationality) (Argentina) iGOR

    GPL Brazil (Here you can have great fun) New LINK (Brazil) iGor (36fps)

    GPL Portugal (more info on the way) (Portugal) Vroc

    Mybroga Motorsports (Good) New LINK (Argentina) Vroc/iGOR (Mod this season)

    GBGPL ? (Groundhog) iGOR

    PDLR (Good & Fun) (Spain) Vroc/iGOR (36fps)

    GPLRACER (Good, but REKO watching you ) (German?) iGOR (36fps)

    Clandestines Trophy (Here you can have great fun) GPLBRASIL (Brazil) iGOR (36fps)

    F1 Historic Esports League (60fps + DG Patch + Pit Stop) VROC (Norway)

    You can see results from many leagues on this link

    ...& here is a picture from Clandestines Trophy Championship (started from pole, but finished only )
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