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Unbelievable what you can find on an old hard drive, a TEAM page from 2002.
Unfortunately, this is the only thing I can find from the good old days in Danish GPL...if you see this & have links to more old Danish/Norwegian, please write
DGPLS (Danish Grand Prix Legends Society) was really big in 2002, run in 4 divisions according to how fast you were after GPLRank (4 servers every 14 days) & we had many brothers from NGPLS (Norway) & Sweden that came to.

The story behind TEAM-FIVE:
This TEAM was created a little in provocation against the new rules with points in DGPLS in 2002 (not meant to be evil, but fun).
Håvard (Norway) & I started talking together & agreed we went out of our TEAMs & create our own for the 2002 season & in our favorite car, Lotus 49

I don't remember point system how many to win & down, but it was given plus & minus points after which car you drove:
-5 Lotus
-3 Eagle
-3 Ferrari
-0 Brabham
+3 Cooper
+5 Honda
+7 BRM
...& the idea for Team name was created, TEAM minus 5: TEAM-FIVE