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    Solitude , Apr 28th - Round 7

    Fast & crazy.

    17 laps

    Pre qual server is running on IGOR.

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    Grats Robert , Tim & Rainer - Well done!

    No contacts registered so these are final results :

    Track: Solitude Thu Apr 28 21:38:10 2022

    RACE RESULTS (After 17 laps)

    Pos No Driver Team Nat Laps Race Time Diff
    1 18 Robert Fleurke Cooper HOL 17 59m44.636s
    2 16 Tim Roedl Brabham AUT 17 60m40.200s 55.564s
    3 12 Rainer Alpen Cooper GER 17 61m09.716s 1m25.080s
    4 14 Olaf Lehmann Lotus GER 17 63m14.818s 3m30.182s
    5 6 tagomago Eagle SPA 16 60m57.582s 1 lap(s)
    6 19 Bjorn L Finnestad Eagle SWE 10 37m24.258s 7 lap(s)
    7 13 Dag Johnsen Ferrari NZL 7 25m58.565s 10 lap(s)
    8 9 Andre Jahren Cooper MON 0 0m00.000s 17 lap(s)

    Race results are unofficial
    (Replay might have been saved before end of race)


    Pos Driver Time Lap
    1 Robert Fleurke 3m27.400s 11
    2 Tim Roedl 3m28.621s 4
    3 Dag Johnsen 3m29.411s 3
    4 Rainer Alpen 3m31.172s 2
    5 Bjorn L Finnestad 3m32.003s 4
    6 Olaf Lehmann 3m34.657s 13
    7 tagomago 3m42.645s 3
    8 Andre Jahren No time
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    .I know is not the right thread, but didn't wanna start a new one for this tiny little bit:
    plz admins adapt that I'm driving Brabham instead of Honda from last year in the "Standings"-list.

    Thank you André & Dag!

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    Sorry I missed the race guys, it looked great. Well done Robert, good race.
    I only missed it because the race disappeared from igor after that last practice and only reappeared when entry closed. Methinks my igor setting is not showing me our race when I need the password. Please can someone tell me the settings in, I assume, the correct .ini file?
    Really dont want to miss another race, this is getting really depressing.......... all that practice, (and starting to figure out settings) and no race at the end of it. Feels as bad as when my engine blew up without warning at Goodwood.
    Great race everyone, and a wonderful track.

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    Not sure about that Seb. But you can always join through IP in multiplayer in game with the password. Sorry to hear and thanks

    In both my sub27s messed up first sector, so I was not happy with the laptime. But it was good enough for Pole. After the start was not sure where André was so left room, but held on to P2. Later in the lap got a good tow on the backstraight, when Tim was out of shape, and then he did concede towards the braking zone. I gained a lot of time on the first lap, but after that Tim kept me quite honest keeping the gap at 5s. But he made a mistake and the gap grew to 10s when I pitted after 8 laps. The wear was considerable on the rear tires, and the car got more oversteery and unpredictable later in the run.

    Tim pitted a lap later and the gap was then 13s, but it seems Tim had to pit another time. In the second stint pushed for fast lap, and in the last lap made a mistake but held it together. Tough track to tame, especially with the DGP. But it's a lot of fun to drive.

    Congrats Tim and Rainer for podium, and Olaf and José Luis for top 5 finish. Bad luck DNFs/DNS...

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    Wow! What a dominant race Robert.

    I can't express how impressed I am. Your so fast and so consistent. Congratulation on a well deserved victory after an impressive drive

    I did not have the best qualifying and ended up P4.

    At the start I saw that I had forgot to implement the staggered grid(sorry for that). It also meant that P4 was not as bad as it could have been.

    Was able to pass Dag in to turn 1 and push Robert but he was braking late in to turn 3 and hold on to second place.

    Then as for all previous attempts at Solitude. I made a mistake and went off.

    Congratulations to Tim and Rainer for joining Robert on the podium.

    See you all at Surfers Paradise.

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    Thanks for your nice words André. It's too bad you crashed out like that...

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       4:51	 32.3s	O.Lehmann	Repair/Refuel
      19:15	 32.1s	D.Johnsen	Repair
      26:12	 40.8s	B.Finnestad	Tire change/Refuel
      28:45	 26.3s	R.Fleurke	Tire change/Refuel
      32:30	 25.4s	T.Roedl		Refuel
      33:00	 28.9s	R.Alpen		Tire change/Refuel
      36:25	 27.4s	T.Roedl		Tire change
      38:08	 29.4s	O.Lehmann	Tire change
      38:17	 --.-	        B.Finnestad	Pitstop not completed
    My God, Seb. I had met you several times on the training server and thought I would have to dress warmly for this race because of your top times.
    And then something like this...

    Maybe you have selected some filters in iGOR?
    And maybe you should add these lines to your adress.ini:
    [ entry0 ]
    address = ; entry address
    name = HIES_neu ; entry name
    type = 1 ; entry type
    Then you can comfortably start via IP (at least as long as the IP doesn't change).

    To my race:
    Two minutes before the end of qualifying I practiced a pit stop and tried to refuel...and it didn't work. After a rejoining it still didn't work.
    So I had to start with a full tank.
    But after problems in the first lap I managed quite well.

    Congratulations to Robert, Tim and Rainer.

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    ..trying to resist or later on catch Robert seemed impossible for me from the beginning. I tried just not to make a mistake and stay on track -didn´t want to make the same mistake as I made at Oulton Park..
    After 4 or 5 laps I lost my rythm and the distance to Robert started growing. Then pitstop after 9 laps, all went well except I got no new tyres -so back to pits one lap later. I was lucky and had enough space to Rainer. -> P2 is a great feeling on this hell of a track where everything could happen.

    Gratulations Robert -consistant and fast as ever!
    Gratulations Rainer, Olaf, tagomago and Björn for taming a beast!

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