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    Aintree , Feb 17th - Round 3

    Back to the British Isles..

    34 laps.

    The pre qual server is now running in IGOR. (new race list address : ) , no password.

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    Grats Robert , Andrè and Bjørn , well done!

    Track: Aintree Thu Feb 17 21:35:01 2022

    RACE RESULTS (After 34 laps)

    Pos No Driver Team Nat Laps Race Time Diff
    1 19 Robert Fleurke Cooper HOL 34 59m13.549s
    2 18 Andre Jahren Cooper MON 34 59m48.473s 34.924s
    3 9 Bjorn L Finnestad Eagle SWE 33 59m31.955s 1 lap(s)
    4 6 Doni Yourth Ferrari CAN 33 60m05.107s 1 lap(s)
    5 11 Olaf Lehmann Lotus GER 33 60m32.712s 1 lap(s)
    6 16 Seb Gore Lotus GBR 30 59m29.267s 4 lap(s)
    7 12 tagomago Eagle SPA 28 53m11.984s 6 lap(s)
    8 13 Dag Johnsen Ferrari NZL 9 16m27.424s 25 lap(s)
    9 14 enrique farina Ferrari MEX 0 0m00.000s 34 lap(s)

    Race results are unofficial
    (Replay might have been saved before end of race)


    Pos Driver Time Lap
    1 Robert Fleurke 1m42.832s 24
    2 Andre Jahren 1m43.264s 6
    3 Dag Johnsen 1m43.955s 3
    4 Bjorn L Finnestad 1m44.445s 22
    5 Doni Yourth 1m46.127s 25
    6 Olaf Lehmann 1m46.384s 27
    7 Seb Gore 1m48.254s 13
    8 tagomago 1m49.013s 19
    9 enrique farina No time

    No contacts registered so these are final results.
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    Quali was good with a PB.

    Had a solid start and held on to the lead. I had a good consistent pace early on and the gap grew over 10s at the pitstop. However, later in the run lost rear grip as the tires were pretty worn. Had a few close calls, but kept the car on track whole race. A very good controlled race, but TBH I had hoped for a closer fight with André and Dag.

    Setup was good and car was predictable, but again, later in the run the rear snapped a lot while exiting. Dirtgearpatch is fun and underrated, and it's a shame not more want to join us.

    Well done André and Bjorn, and finishers. Bad luck DNFs.

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    An ok qualifying session. Close to my PB.

    Fell in behind Robert down to turn 1 but could only stay with him the first few corners before he started to pull away. He was just flying today, and I wasn’t even close to give him a fight.
    When we pitted he already had an 11 sec gap.

    Managed to gain 1 sec during the pit stop, but as in the first stint he was a just increasing the gap as the laps went by.

    Then I made a mistake an spun in Melling Crossing, and from there on in I lost my pace.

    Congratulations to Robert for yet another great win, and Bjørn for joining us on the podium.

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       6:51	 35.5s	 .tagomago	Repair
       8:01	 28.1s	D.Johnsen	Repair
      28:40	 23.7s	A.Jahren	Tire change/Refuel
      30:13	 24.1s	R.Fleurke	Tire change/Refuel
      31:27	 29.3s	B.Finnestad	Tire change/Refuel
      31:56	 43.3s	O.Lehmann	Repair/Tire change/Refuel
      32:37	 32.1s	S.Gore		Tire change
      35:24	 44.1s	S.Gore		Tire change/Refuel
      51:22	 26.6s	D.Yourth	Repair
      54:01	 27.8s	 .tagomago	Repair

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    Another fine performance from Robert to take the win. Well done, champ. Andre a solid P2. And Bjorn the thief.

    Sorry to see that both Dag and Ricky's events were terminated early. Bad luck there, fellas.

    Very, very annoyed with myself at throwing away a potential podium here. There was a bright spot in qualifying in setting a new PB in the Ferrari by a tenth or three. As for the race, it was a fine duel with Bjorn where I lead for many a lap but he did get a pass on the main straight at one point but in the very next lap, handed it back to me. After BF pitted for new rubber mid-race, I had a handy lead but with the laps remaining and the way he was carving chunks out of my advantage, I was obliged to pick up the pace. You didn't need to hold a Phd in mathematics to realize that at his scorching pace, he was going to catch me with a lap or three to run. My undoing was identical to my grief at Monza. The Ferrari skidded just a bit on braking for Cottage but as at our Italian round, the skid was away from the apex, not towards it. In both cases, this was crucial and left me with little chance to save it. I ended up with a hefty clout of the barrier and the car was significantly bent. I tried to assess the damage over the remainder of the lap and knew that my pass through the Melling complex would be delicate. Fingers X'd as I entered the complex and it didn't take long to realize that the car was not going to make it home without repairs. A wild spin through the infield put paid to any ideas of going all the way without service. As I pulled into my stall, Bjorn was by and home-free.

    Good job for taking P3, Bjorn.

    Edit: Some time later...
    Just to confirm, Bjorn did not 'steal' the podium place. No. He was on-track to take it anyway considering the time he was slicing off my tenuous lead. He was full measure for the place. Good drive, BF.
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    I totally forgot that we were racing with dirty811, and when I overstepped in turn 2 I remembered, but it was already too late, I'm an animal......
    Fortunately, I had no victims to mourn, anyway, see you guys at the next race

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    Prequal: No need to change the setup from 2018, except 5th gear setting and I was able to improve lap time and happy for that, despite I did a surprisingly good race that time in 2018.

    Qual: My pace was not there, should have had a longer relaxation beforehand…

    Race: Now I was ready to get started with the race and it seemed good to drive more consistently without trying beyond ability. Climbed up due to others' mistakes and was surprisingly in fourth place and had a nice fight against Doni the laps before my pit-stop.

    Very good driving Doni. I managed in my Eagle to get tow on one of the laps on the back-straight and had to be sure to get past before the quick turn. Doni is experienced so I figured this could go well at this moment. The lap after I was out of the tricky corner “Country” and back to fourth position.

    The tire wear was very noticeable as usual at the end of each stint, and I could not drive without the depot stop. Again, very good race and good fight, I look at the race graph, that you would have come to finish before me if you had kept the trend.

    Totally agree, DGP makes racing fun. Believe that overtaking can also be easier because we can bet harder for a short time to carry out any overtaking attempts.

    Grats Robert for solid win and well done pos 2 André, great driving tonight, well done finishers. Bad luck DNFs.

    Thanks for race, see you at Curitiba

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