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    Thanks everyone for joining and hosting the race on the amazing track!

    In qualy I knew it would be very difficult for Robert to get a 2min33 in the BRM, so when I eventually got a low 2min33 I knew the pole was quite safe.
    However André had a better start and was slightly ahead, but having the inside at the first corner I could maintain the lead. Very important because overtaking here in the race is tricky.
    On the third lap I sadly saw André dissapear after he went off-track and now Robert was chasing me.

    Knowing I could be ~1 second per lap faster I just focussed on driving a safe and steady pace.
    Had some scares when lapping cars, epsecially in the final sector, but luckily all went well. Congrats also to Robert for the fastest lap in the race, very impressive pace for a BRM!

    Very happy to have reached the finish line, finally some points!

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    Turns out it wasnt a hat trick as Robert ran off with the fastest lap. This happens every time I just assume something in gpl , need to start checking stuff like this before I open my keyboard.

    Great to have you back Roo and glad to hear you will find your way to the grid in the future as well.

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       4:04     32.2s    D.Johnsen            Repair
       4:23     34.4s    B.Finnestad    Repair/Refuel
       9:56     32.4s    W.Tway        Repair
      14:04     33.9s    S.Gore        Tire change
      29:48     33.9s    R.Fleurke            Tire change/Refuel
      31:40     30.3s    O.Lehmann    Tire change/Refuel
      31:47     30.0s    D.Johnsen       Tire change/Refuel
      32:09     30.2s    E.Heijden 67    Tire change/Refuel
      34:52     47.1s    B.Finnestad    Repair/Tire change/Refuel
    On such dangerous tracks, I never drive with an empty tank - not even in qualifying. I also held back a bit in qualifying because I didn't want to have anyone behind me except Seb and tago. Faster people behind me make me too nervous on such tracks, so failure would be inevitable. Unfortunately, Will and Doni were behind me.
    Then came the start, which I screwed up like in the last race. In the last few days, I had activated my old PC for testing purposes, on which the gear shift is programmed differently than on the new PC (instead of the shift paddles, I use the upper buttons). Because of the excitement at the start, my brain switched to the old shifting method. It took me three seconds to figure out why I couldn't get going. I hope nobody got into trouble because of that.
    After a short while I caught up with Will and wanted to stay behind him at all costs. But he didn't want me behind him either and I had no other option but to pass him.
    After that, I calmly and carefully did my (slow) laps for myself - roughly until my scheduled pit stop and some laps more. Bjorn and Dag came from behind and I let them pass, of course.
    Before the race, I had calculated that 17 laps would be enough to get points. When I had completed the 17 laps - and saw in Pribluda that Bjorn was quickly getting closer and closer, I decided to take more risks. Round 18 worked out quite well. I was 2s faster than before (2:42.xx). But then I was at the end of my concentration - I only managed three more chaotic laps, which meant Bjorn passed me.

    I only realised my mistake today. 17 laps would not have been enough. I still remembered the 21 laps from last year and didn't realise that we were doing one more lap this time. Phew - that could have gone wrong...

    I'm glad there didn't seem to be any computer-related failures. I was seriously afraid that the race would be cancelled afterwards...and that all the effort for the comers would have been in vain.
    Congratulations to Erik for his first win here and to all the finisher.
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    Congrats Erik, Robert, and Dag! Well done finishers, bad luck all DNFs at this exciting race.

    No problem Dag: From my memory, I did a good start (to be me), had traction and I where for a moment became anxious about how the front row would merge in front of me, I turned off maybe a little too much, so an accordion effect was a bit of a mistake with me too, I think. First lap coming to pit was warming up for the remaining rounds.

    In the pit stop, I have learned a trick to start refuelling at least to be sure that I have parked correctly because sometimes there is a small jump in the car. During testing, I found this that I had stopped correctly even though it was a small jump.

    I did two spins and damaged the car in last corner before the planned pit but did a risky lap to avoid another risky manoeuvre at an angle to the pit.

    Periodically the car felt very rocking, I cannot remember from the previous race a year ago that it was so demanding, but it becomes like that when it approaches the limit.
    It was a match at the end of the race against Olaf were had good pace on this bumpy track. He did a minor slide before the dip which might give me a better grip on the next one, to the last corner I turned in wide, was the opportunity to drive past.

    This is one of the favourite courses. Fantastic driving, especially Erik who did this so well.
    I am incredibly happy with the race, it was fun to get all the way to the finish, was also surprised by suddenly the goalkeeper waved the flag…

    See you next in another interesting course, thanks for race!

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