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    Searching for Cockpit- & Soundfiles

    Hi guys,

    as I watched your online-videobroadcast, I saw all those wonderfull cockpits and heard great carsounds, also heard gravels when a car was riding over dirt.

    Plz can someone point me to these exact files? Would love it very much!!


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    I think you are looking for something that is definitely more entertaining than my GPL Sound package.

    The one you are looking for may be in this package:
    GPL Install 1.08 beta

    ...but how to get the sound files pulled out, no idea

    My Cockpit

    What we see & hear on Tube is what's on the server, so you need to get hold of André.
    Messed around a bit in my directories & found this one from Demo 2004...maybe just what you're looking for, in Stereo
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    Hi Pelle,

    thank you very much for your response. I´ll dive deeper into your soundfiles in a few days as I´m very busy with work and family now..

    Maybe André reads my questioning, I´ll wait some more time -if he could post the files that he uses in his server would be great!

    BTW: your cockpit looks marvellous! I myself bought just a "Racing Seat" a year ago and that was a very, very important investment for SIM-racing.

    Additionally I spent my G27-paddles a "Ricmotech-Load Cell" ( which made a big improvement when braking..was a golden hint from GPL Veteran "Axel - Cookie". It really helps when getting a better haptical feedback during braking!

    Hopefully cu soon at the track!
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    I was just wondering what sound files were on the server too.

    My Lotus sound is quite tinny but Ducwolf's seems to have a load of wind noise on it which detracts from the engine sound, but maybe it is my system/headphones?
    that it why I would like to know what sound files are on the server, then I can test

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