Hi all.

Now this is by any stretch of the imagination a luxurious problem to have but as it stands now we are closing in on a full grid and maybe then some for S3.

We do have the capacity to setup two servers. However , if we are just around 1 full server that is not really a basis for running two.

What we would like to do for S3 is to register a waiting list thread here on the forum if we go beyond 18 drivers and then let those drivers step in if any of the regulars cant race for some reason. What that would mean is that all drivers have to give notice if they know they are not driving a race so that those waiting can step in.

If we grow to a certain point on said waiting list we will start setting up two servers. But we would need to figure out how to score the points and such. Lets see what happens.

We now have 14 drivers on the pre qual list for Kyalami. In addition comes Ferdinand , Enrique and Seb. Havent heard from Ferdinand bu we hope and expect to see him on the grid for S3. That makes 17. I have sent a message to Iestyn about the last spot , not sure how his season looks for next year. If he is in , well then we are a full grid. And I hope Im not forgetting anyone here.

So what that means is for all drivers to sound off if they know for certain they cant make a race so that any drivers waiting can step in.

Ideally it stops exactly at 18 drivers for S3.