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    vroc lists track as red but it is installed

    does anyone know why this is/how to fix it?

    also, maybe related?, if i go to a local test session/race I cannot see my setups. I can connect to the server via ip and I see my setups.
    an<one know what's going on?


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    Maybe because you have the house for sale & have already packed your setups
    No, joke aside, sounds weird. I'm not sure, maybe your GPL 'Seasons' does not have that Track & it might be active in 'GEM+/Seasons'
    ...or maybe exceeded the limit of what 'Seasons' can remember.

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    hehe, nice one Pelle
    I had looked at that, as that was my understanding with vroc, and torino was in 67season, it was simply the wrong torino
    thanks Pelle

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