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    As to nobody recording an 'on-track' lap during this affair, it may be due to a glitch at the S/F line. If you load a lap into GPLRA and view the track graphic, you will see a short section there which is pitch black. This is very unusual to the point of being unique. I've not seen this on any other track.

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    Forgive the delay in reporting ... some complicated days migrating systems

    I enjoyed this one very much

    My good performance on this track, new to me, responds to the help that Gaizka gave me to prepare the race ... he made me focus on the line and that's why I got good times

    So I started well I drove many laps 4th and then 3rd ... it was fantastic to ride in front of Bjorn ... I was very comfortable ... I guess I slowed him down a bit in pace and that's why Olaf and Doni came

    Bojrn was there waiting until on lap 18 I made a small mistake after doubling Ferdinand and that made me drop to 6th

    Fantastic race for me ... thank you all for racing

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    Grats to my self, Dag, & Bjřrn, & well done to all who scored points

    Found a good setup during pre qual, and almost managed a new PB.

    Had a good start and pulled away, and from there on it was just about mangaing the tires and keeping the consentation.

    Late update due to hectic days.

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