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    I was a bit scared of this track, like at Sachsenring. At the start I couldn't get away with the long gear ratio of the first gear. Just don't do anything wrong, full concentration, little risk, only arriving counts in the BRM steamer. Twice I was very lucky with mistakes, nothing broke, after lap 6 the car seemed strange to me, I thought about changing tyres, but drove too fast into the pit and missed my pit spot. So I just drove on, the car felt better again (strange), so at least I could finish the last lap at my level.

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    Grats Robert , myself & Bjørn - Well done!

    Did not match my pre-qual lap at qualifying, but still happy to end up on the first row. 30 qualifying minutes is not a lot of time for such a long track.

    Had a good start and pulled away from Dag and Robert in to turn 1, and managed to increase the gap to 5s by the end of the first lap.

    Halfway I was more than 9s ahead of Robert, and at this point I was afraid that I had pushed too hard the first couple of laps. My suspicion was correct and already the next lap Robert managed to decrease the gap to 7s.
    Then I made a small error going through the last fast kink towards Zebetin. I managed to avoid the threes surrounding the track but had to come to a complete stop. Robert gained fast and passed me as I was getting momentum again.
    He slightly pulled away the next 2 laps and I didn't manage to close the gap towards the end.

    Overall happy with my race, a shame I did not manage a race without errors. It has been to many of those the last couple of races. A better focus is needed when we start up again in September.

    Thank you all for the racing so far. Have a great summer!

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       7:27  41.9s O.Lehmann Repair
       7:44  45.9s D.Johnsen Repair
      34:37  44.8s B.Finnestad Tire change/Refuel
      34:43  42.8s '.Mellor Tire change
      41:19  42.6s '.Mellor Repair
      53:25  41.9s '.Mellor Repair

    I think in normal gpl it's between INT and PRO a big difference. PRO races needs a different, much more carefully approach. And dgp needs a superior cautious approach - with v8 more then with v71, I know that.
    People are different: For some it's easier than for others.

    I remember with v71 I crashed in the same corner in a barrier for four or five times in a race and nothing happens. I thought: What's that for kid's stuff?
    The damage model isn't 100% fair or understandable, but in my sight not so bad.
    All in all for me v8 feels much better than v71.

    It's a pity to loose you John.

    In this race I had two crashes in the last left turn. In pre quali I made this turn without any problem in many, many laps. After the first crash the car was croocked (I'm sure in real racing the car would be damaged too). So I had to stop for repair. After the second crash I stucked in a hay ball...
    I was angry About myself.

    Grats to the finishers.

    I'm happy about the break. I need holiday from GPL...

    I wish you all a nice summer!


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    Grats Robert and André for podium, well done finishers and commiserations to the dnf’s and the unfortunates.

    Sorry to hear John go, hope you coming next to another race.

    I like the damage model as it is, as it makes very realistic driving. Freeze or ctd is a risk to take if we will race some of the best tracks, this is part of the game and I mean maybe we can live with that sometimes. There are rules for how to handle it. In real world race there can come unexpected weather, fire, or accidents to ending or shorten a race. I do not mean we need to race Brno49 again, this was the race and I am glad for this. Can do this again if it had coming up.

    Training: The old track was to learn again, a favourite but frustrating from the beginning. When more keys where found, fantastic and then possible to improve many seconds.

    Qual: As commended, this was a track where the qual time was a bit short (but ok). When I saw there was two minutes left, that was the reason for me to make a solid crash, ok I had a well lap time.

    Race: As unusual, a particularly good start from me. I was nervous for to stall, as first gear was set to slowest corners. At the start straight I could see I was in another strategy as my car had less fuel than my row and the leaders. Race was easy today, had just to concentrate and go smooth. One pit stop was necessary as rear wear did it dangerous after 4 laps. Happy to stay to end and to manage these fun 10 laps.

    The summer break will still include gpl too. Can paint my adapter made of wood for the wheel and shifter to match the furnishings.

    Thank you all for the racing and for the administration, very well done . Have a nice summer!

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    Didn't have much practice for this race so my time wasn't very good.
    When I got to qualif., I didn't even make 1 lap that I lost the internet connection (+ TV cable, + Landline phone) . IP problem which lasted about 16 hours.

    Sorry to hear that you leave John.

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    I was wondering where you went Dan. Saw you log on so wasnt sure when you DNS. Guess that explains it , tough break.

    See you guys in September , have a good summer all.

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