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    Grats Robert , Doni & Iestyn - Well done!

    Had some issues with the stream server that I needed to fix before I could log in and start the session. When I finally got it fixed and logged in, there was only 12 minutes left. So I filled up for 5 laps and started my only attempt.

    The first lap was ok, and I found myself in 3 place, 45 hundreds behind Rainer. Then I made a mistake on my second and third attempt, and needed a clean and fast lap for my the last attempt to challenge the pole.
    The lap was a clean and good one all the way to the exit of the last turn, where I was a bit to eager on the throttle and got to much wheel spin and a small slide. I clocked in 1 hundreds of a second in front of Rainer, and at that point I though I had secured pole.
    Then as the clock ticked down the last minutes of the session, Robert came and snatch it away.

    As the flag dropped I made a poor start and settled behind Robert as we breaked for turn 1. The first 7 laps I was within a second of Robert. Who at this point drove like a clock. Then on lap 7 I made a small mistake, and the gap grew to 2 seconds. I then stayed within the 2 seconds the next 6 laps, and on lap 13 I made a small mistake going through the The Cutting, and the gap grew to 3 seconds.
    On lap 17, as Robert finally showed that he is actual a human and made a small mistake, I saw that I was gaining on him through Reid and Sulman Park, and in my eager to close the gap I made a mistake going through The Dipper and in to Forrest’s Elbow, where ended up hitting the banking on the right side and broke my right rear suspension. Next time around I had to go to the pits and get it repaired.

    Exiting the pits I had dropped to 3 place and had Dag in front of me.
    I was not able the close the gap on Dag enough the next couple of laps, so I had settled for a 3 place finish.
    Then on lap 22 he made a mistake and I found myself just a couple of seconds behind him.
    The battle for 2 place was on!

    As I was approaching the Skyline on lap 23 I saw that he had lost it and flipped around through the Skyline, and as I hit the breaks to try to avoid him my car slides and touches the banking on the right side and I did not managed stop in time or make a clean pass, so I crashed in to him and damaged my left front tire, my left front and rear suspension. And as I approached the pits I made a bad call, and didn't go in.

    Then as I started the next lap I understood how severe my damage was and I ended up loosing 14 seconds on that lap. Next time around I had to go in to the pits and get it repaired.

    Exiting the pits I was down to 5 place.
    At this point I had not enough tires left to try to catch up with Iestyn and the gap stayed the same the next couple of laps.

    Then on lap 28 as I was approached McPhillamy Park, I saw a waving yellow flag. A Eagle had crashed out and was laying beside the road with only 2 wheels left.
    This put me up to forth place. A result I can’t be disappointed by after a race with a lot of drama.

    To bad I made the mistake on lap 17, I really think it could have been an epic battle with Robert the last 11 laps.

    All in all a fun, but challenging race.

    See you all in Brno 49

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    I finally did a decent lap in qualifying and showed some good pace here, somewhere I usually struggle at.

    I had a slow start, which became lucky when Dag spun across exiting T1 as I could just avoid it by braking hard (although there is a collision detected so maybe we touched - similar to Castle Combe at oAo with Michi). The same happened again with Rainer stationary on top of the mountain - the yellow only came out as I passed it and turned in blind - I could just avoid him on the left but we might have brushed wheels.

    I overtook Bjorn by accident at the end of lap 1 (braking too late and flying down the inside!) and he came back alongside into T2, and then went side-by-side with Dan through the last corner and turn 1. Rob & Andre had already flown up the road by some 22 seconds. Dag was recovering and when he was 5 seconds back I could just about hold the gap, but the tyres started to get hot and I dropped it over the mountain. This gave some damage, I tried to stay out but ended up spinning exiting T1 and had to pit to repair.

    Pushed hard to catch back up to Bjorn, spinning again, but he was unlucky to lose those two tyres near race end. I didn't even know he was driving with damage which makes it even more impressive - I don't think I could have caught up to try and pass on the last lap. Congrats all finishers - faultless drives by Robert & Doni with the top two steps & Tago in the newspaper!

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    Results are finalized.

    Reviewed contacts :

    1 0:57 I.Davies/D.Johnsen - NFA
    2 1:01 O.Lehmann/'.Mellor - NFA
    3 18:15 I.Davies/R.Alpen - NFA
    4 47:59 A.Jahren/D.Johnsen - NFA

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    ...faultless drives by Robert & Doni...
    Well... You're half right there, Iestyn. Not surprisingly, Robert delivered his usual stand-out drive with pace and consistency. As ever, top marks. In my case, check T1 of Lap19 for a quick 360° after losing the tail on turn-in. Lucky to have only lost a handful of seconds there. Could have been much worse. On Lap26, the front end slewed to the right on braking for Murray's and I cuffed the rail. Made my eyes water a bit there I can tell you.

    Of course, I profited handsomely from the monster shunt on the exit of T1 on Lap01 that eliminated so many contenders. Bad luck there, fellas. Much of the race was spent on my lonesome with only Dag for brief company as he recovered from that Lap01 fracas. As pit stops for repairs and/or tyres started to figure in, I gained places and must confess that I'm very much surprised and delighted to have emerged with a P2 placing. I was set to get gunned down by Iestyn and Bjorn but it just never came to pass.

    Well done to all finishers on this exacting venue. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Brno49 next.

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    Ah, I think I remember that, as the gap came down slightly, I was thinking maybe I had a chance to catch you.. then I had my own spin and could only chase Bjorn after that !

    PS. Thinking about it now, I didn't change tyres at the pit stop - maybe it would have been worth it!

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    @Iestyn: You were much faster than me, in the first lap and going to the next lap, surprised I had speed to come back but think it was I had better line there. Actions from start and all over continued to end, and as proven, Panorama is a real challenge.

    @Doni: Brno next, yes what coming (?)

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