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    Glad to hear that we will see you on the grid at Dundrod Roo , as you say , a positive among all the shite. And hey , its everybodys favorite track right..?

    I really like the new damage model of the 8 version. It gives you what you deserve , not more , not less, and we cant really get away with anything. When I slammed into the rails yesterday the car was just as damaged as you would expect it to be after a hit like that. Great development there Olaf.

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    Grats Robert and André! Grats to all finishers too. Bad Rainer blew the engine. John had to refuel for last lap.

    I was surprised coming to podium at Imola, as there is hard competition on this popular course. I was happy for to save my 5th at the late laps of the race. Before last lap I see John going to pit when a lap remains. Rainer was near to lap me and suddenly no Lotus sound behind…

    In training I ended my laps in spinning, no improved times in this very well-known track. Test of race fuel load ended early at the grass too.

    The qual was similar in lap times except I kept the car on track.

    It had to be one pit strategy, as a light car from start was to preferable in first part of this race, anyway I wasn’t fast enough out of corners to overtake Dan, great fun laps , after pit stop the race was just to hold it consistent. Not bad to see better sector times in pribluda some of the last laps of race, first time for me that happened. Lot of situations, a challenging race and Imola is The Imola.

    Thanks for race! Great Dundrod next, see you then, take care!
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    Really feel for Rainer! You so deserved this victory. You drove a perfect race up until the engine blew!

    Grats to Robert and Bjørn for joining me on the podium!

    Happy with a PB on my qualifying lap.

    Always hard in Imola to start on the outside going in to turn 1. Especially when you have a Lotus next to you going down to the first turn.

    Everything was set up to be a close battle between Rainer, me and Dag. But as I was going in to turn 1 on lap 2 or 3 I totally lost my head and went off. Was lucky to be able to continue without any damage! But lost a lot of places.

    Then the fight was on getting back up to the front, fighting my way back up the field.
    As I was struggling to get passed Dan for 3rd place I made a new mistake going through Acque Minerali and spun. Luckily everyone behind me got passed without hitting me.

    Then it was just to start over.
    Fought my way back up to Dan and the fight for 3rd place again.
    This time it did go better. Dan got wide out of turn 1 and had to go out on the gras. Then as we stormed down to Tosa I saw that he break were he used to and I excepted that he would go wide with his dirty tires, and he did. Then I could do a clean pass on the inside.

    Next time around I saw that it was 41 seconds up to Robert, but I pushed on as you never know what happens.
    Suddenly Robert had lost a lot of time and I figured he had gone off. Next lap he continued to loose time and I got a small hope to catch him before the last lap.
    As the laps counted down it didn’t seamed like I would catch him. And he held me off perfectly with his damage car.

    Was really surprised to see that Robert won and I was second when I looked at the board after the race.

    See you all in the cosy countryside of Dundrod!

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