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       5:58  31.9s A.Jahren Repair
       7:38  41.3s '.Mellor Repair/Tire change
      11:47  44.6s '.Mellor Repair/Tire change
      16:30  42.8s D.Johnsen Repair/Tire change
      17:03  64.0s F.Schulze Repair/Tire change
      29:38 104.1s P.Buchner Repair/Tire change/Refuel
      32:49  42.5s P.Buchner Repair/Tire change/Refuel
      36:02  29.0s O.Lehmann Tire change/Refuel
      52:07  50.7s P.Buchner Repair/Tire change/Refuel
      3 * P.Buchner
      2 * '.Mellor
      1 * F.Schulze
      1 * A.Jahren
      1 * O.Lehmann
      1 * D.Johnsen
    Quote Originally Posted by tagomago View Post
    With few training sessions, I couldn't find the point on the circuit and I didn't even have 1:32.20 (107%), so I considered lap the training sessions and only going to the race if I went down from 32
    Quote Originally Posted by tagomago View Post

    Please don't put yourself under pressure, tagomago (Luis as I remember correct). Because you have choiced the Brabham it's hard get 107%. If I would drive Brabham I wouldn't accomplish it at all tracks, but I would still participate…
    I think everyone is delighted to meet you on track. You are very, very considerate.

    @Roo: After my tire change stop (the first with my new refuel patch) I come out the pits in front of you. I thought at this time you would be in the same lap.
    My tires was cold and the car very slippery. Because of savety reasons I would let you pass after the straight after the left/right/left/left passage).

    I love the way the car feels with worn tyres
    After stopping the EOLC dirtgear cup at the end of 2014 (the main reason was too less participants) I had decide to finish my gpl career.
    After a year I get abstinence symptoms and dicided to make another gpl season in F1Legends in 2016. But I was sad. Racing without wear was boring.
    After this season I finish my (non dg) gpl career definitively.
    By the my sight the wear effect is more interesting than in other simulations (but I don't know all). As an exemple I remember in GP2 the cars don't feel slippery with worn tires, they was only slower.

    Grats Robert, Rainer, Andre' and all finishers.

    BR Olaf

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    The interesting thing with the dg patch is that it's not necessarily pace that determines the finishing order but consistency. My aim was simply no spins and no pit stop!

    I raised tyre pressures by 1 psi all around from my running here 2 months ago, but still only got to a mid-27. Took it slow & steady in the opening laps, but my camshaft broke coming out of turn 1 - sadly I had no chance to pit for a repair like Andre had done a few laps earlier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olaf Lehmann View Post

    Please don't put yourself under pressure, tagomago (Luis as I remember correct). Because you have choiced the Brabham it's hard get 107%. If I would drive Brabham I wouldn't accomplish it at all tracks, but I would still participate…
    I think everyone is delighted to meet you on track. You are very, very considerate.


    BR Olaf
    Thanks for your words Olaf, help me make a reflection that I like

    Although it seems a lie my choice of Brabham is smarter than it seems ... it is the car that I like .. it is the most reliable ... it has the best bass ... in other words .. the lotus is the most difficult to carry ... it is the most critical ... it is the fastest

    I think that a race is like a couple dance ... if your partner does not dance it is very boring and we go to something else

    And then there is the personal challenge ... beating on the track with runners that are 6 seconds faster than your lap is an important challenge because you want to finish and be with them and especially because you don't want to ruin anyone's race

    107% is like the limit that indicates that you can be on the track and then there are the duties: in training you look for the rhythm and at some point you train how to get away from the trajectory ... if you do not train it in the race improvisation is not good

    It's been a while since I know I'm not a fast driver and I don't care ... I'm on track

    Other drivers have better qualities than me to drive ... great ... their challenges lead to better achievements

    Then when time goes by we will basically remember more than our achievements that we were on track

    The Grand Prix Legends and the people who enjoy it make it worthwhile

    Thanks Olaf and thx all for racing

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    Grats Robert, Rainer and André for podium!
    Grats to Dan for 4th!

    Very well driving, all in the grid. Commiserations to the not finished drivers.

    I had a plan a, b and c and Olaf’s variable fuel patch was ready. In the qualify hard to do my laps very clean, then I see to plan b, full race fuel as my strategy. Then, necessary to be very consistency to save the rear wheels. It wasn’t enough, was too fast in T1, out of track at lap 34, a minor damage to suspension. The car was very slippery and unstable but driveable if very careful, finished to 5th and that is not bad, very happy with that result.

    A great track and fun race. DG-patch make absolute more fun and make racing to more than interesting. At end of race: Driving those race cars as it was on ice is fun challenge in race and I can say in real life a tour in own car, those dangerous conditions had NOT to be fun!

    Thanks for race, see you next week!

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    Sry, a little late with report & more, but had packed the car before race, had to pick up the wife after race & straight up to our 'castle' & I'm still here. (The wife sent home today with Norwegian, now I discover how quiet here is)

    Quote Originally Posted by tagomago View Post
    No problem Pelle ... don't think about it anymore ... I also met you countless times on track without any problems ... you owe me a beer ... and more time on thrack ... that's all
    I was not fast to be on GPLWC2008 ... but I shared 40th anniversary with Gaizka, Runar, J Dayjur, J. Ackerman, and more ... great times
    Runar (Norway) was the man behind WC2007/2008. If I remember correctly, I won the race at Spa in 2007 ahead of Gaizka

    Quote Originally Posted by tagomago View Post
    Sharing track Pelle ... so you will owe me just a beer
    I've always said in PDLR, if you give Paella...I'll come with lots of Carlsberg

    Quote Originally Posted by rouenfrance View Post
    aah, 40th anniversary... I remember that, good fun
    WOW, more & more pop up from 'the good old days'

    Buenos Aires Report
    Big Grats Robert, Rainer & André

    Went better & new PB...should be faster, but ok.

    Wanted to save on my sensitive reartyres on the starting line, it was immediately penalized by Rainer & lost a place
    Dag again chose to give plenty of space (Thx ) & was up again in third. Now it became a race...a thrilling race right behind Rainer, countless attempts, close...& again a shock like last time with Tago. I started dropping fps to Rainer, at one point he was completely gone & I feared the next picture we were flying around in the air - this was like in the old days of VROC, you have to guess where the drivers were on track - but to my luck, Rainer popped up a little in front of me. So I chose to stay behind Rainer, because we were at a good pace & could (as something new) still see Robert...oops, where was André.

    My tires are worn out & taken a pit stop for fuel & of course tyres...that goes totally wrong. I'm waiting for the tyres, jumb...I light a cigarette, still no tyres...give up & take a lap more, now I got my tyres.
    This caused me to lose too much & had to run over abilities (more went wrong & more pit stops) but had fun, because setup was really should have ended much better with fastest race time:
    1 Pelle Buchner 1m27.054s 36

    Thanks to you all here at HIES

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