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    Quote Originally Posted by Dag_J View Post
    hehe , welcome back Pelle , glad to hear you guys are enjoying your new summer house.
    Thanks, but right now the house is almost like my setups, split into atoms ...but here's great & lots of fresh air
    A really fun thing, our number 2 neighbor came to visit to see the house & we showed them in. They could say whole sentences where I didn't understand a single word ... only 400km from here. The man we bought it from also came to visit, maybe got a shock with everything we have going on.

    VROC vs iGOR:
    In the old days my favorite was VROC, today iGOR, because it's easier in GEM+ to enable the various things & most servers run here...we would be seen by many more than in VROC, people might be more tempted to test with us.
    The chatroom is also better, here you don't see :-) ...but

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    Hello Admins,

    is there a reason for using a password for pre qualification server?

    Maybe someone read something about DGP in srmz or anywhere and have the idea to try it out online. Until one month before now it was easier...

    BR Olaf

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    I’m out travling until the next race. We will remove back to a pre-qual server without a password for the next race

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