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    Grats Dag, Robert and André for the podium!

    Training: (Oulton was on calendar 1967-40thWC 15.04.2007 and was one of my better races then, this I did remember after this years) Set well laps early. Did a lot of setup changes, especially the diffs for better stability. The gearing ratios was fine for driving laps, but not for the start, a long gap from my choice to a lower gear. Ok, the start has to be as it will be.

    Qual: Set early well position, but it wasn’t my best lap time. Starting from 4th was not bad.

    Race: My start was slow. Narrow and three wides went well, I think . After merging I had a Honda in front of me. Great to follow Andrés Honda in the first part of the race, even I drive an Eagle. I waited long before I did my pitstop, then it still was fuel for a lap or two. Great fun those laps. After pit a bit harder alone to the finish.

    Very happy for this race. Bad some missing to this grid. Only 8 cars, but great driving.

    Thanks for race! See you at Mexico
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    Grats to Robert and Dag. Today you were just to quick.

    Did not manage to get a good lap in. Especially the two first sectors. But just manage to snatched P3 from Bjørn and get my self on the first row.

    Was really surprised to start “p1”, all the way to the right on the first row. So surprised that I made a terrible start.
    Lucky to not get passed by anyone on the second row.

    Dag and Robert started immediately to build a gap to me and Bjørn. The next 15 laps Bjørn didn’t give much breading space. Staying just 1 to 2 seconds behind.

    Then when lap 19 came I really hoped that all cars around me would be on a one stop strategy, but as it appeared Dag wasn’t.

    Lap 16 and still no sign of Robert, then I hoped Bjørn had not pitted and would hold him up in traffic. But next time around Robert was on my pit board. And he was flying!

    Within one and a half lap he was all over my tail. Manage to hold him up for a lap but then he got a much better exit out of turn 1, and passed me in to turn 2. He then got a bit eager and breaked to late and spun half way through turn 2.

    For a lap or two I thought maybe I can manage to hold him off, but then I made a mistake and went off on to the grass, two slow laps made him catch my fast and from their on and in, my tires was gone.

    The next couple of laps was a two way fight, me fighting with my tires and me fighting to keep Robert behind.

    Then he out breaked me in to the slow corner before the start finish line, and passed me on the outside, he manage to hold the momentum around the corner and as we were running side by side down to turn 1 he breaked late again and just missed the exit and spun.

    With just a few laps to go I really hoped for that 2nd place. But with 3 laps to go he was back on my tail.

    With one and a half lap left of the race he got a better exit on to the long back straight and as I defended the right hand side of the track, he went to the left and again passed me on the outside through the next corner. A really nice move Robert!
    So then it was just to hold on to P3 last lap around.

    All in all a fun race and a nice track. I really enjoyed it.

    See you all in Mexico.

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