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    Big Grats Dag, Robert & Andre' & to all of you who were at Oulton , also to Roo from the pit

    Quote Originally Posted by rouenfrance View Post
    Also, is it just me or is the forum really slow to load?
    Forum, to put it kindly...has been a disaster.
    The reason has been an attack on Servage & I has been able to see it had an impact here in our Forum with more than 170 guests at the same time...I think some are a bit crazy on Servage & not our Forum. We have been monitoring via FTP if files were changed in Forum.
    Regardless we spent the entire weekend in our 'little summer house' (the house looks like an old castle, but built in 1981, got the key Friday & picture here)...Fiber worked & I have been in contact with Servage all day & the problem should be over.
    Status can be followed here at Servage if problems arise Again. We have already moved domain to another location & run tests before moving.

    See you in of my favorites

    Edit: *Forum with more than 170 guests at the same time*...right now 303, 91 on this thread...or, there are many who like us

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    I noticed also we were suddenly very popular. Well the speed is back and that is the most important part.

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