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    Im glad you noticed the sound change Bjørn , we thought we would try a change. If you guys have really good engine sounds feel free to share. Changing them once in a while spices it up a little.

    Also very impressed with the development in Bjørns driving over the last few races , faster and faster and consistent as well. Good job Bjørn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olaf Lehmann View Post

      15:35  --.- J.Posta  Pitstop not completed
      32:19  24.5s R.Fleurke Refuel
      33:41  60.1s D.Johnsen Repair/Tire change/Refuel
      36:14  26.7s R.Fleurke Tire change
      55:01  45.6s D.Johnsen Repair/Tire change
      2 * R.Fleurke
      2 * D.Johnsen
      1 * J.Posta
    Solitude is one of the less tracks were I can drive one hour without tire changing. I had very small wear on the front wheels.

    Thanks Robert for the hint in Chat that we get 18 laps. I think otherwise I had ran out of fuel.

    Grats to all finishers!

    And yes Doni, your driving is sooo seriously that you are finish not only the races at which you are starting. GREAT!

    BR Olaf
    As I got into trouble with camshaft out of the last corner I had the chance to roll to the pits and repair the car. Sadly my left foot reacted faster than my brain and once I lost speed (and produced a half spin) I could no do anything... It was a good lesson though for the next race

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    I already managed to roll back the car to the pits with a totally dead engine - as I rememeber correct - at Road Atlanta last season.
    It requires steady nerves, because if you stop to early you cannot correct it afterwards.

    I hope we'll see you more often in our races…

    BR Olaf

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