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    It will great to have back in fighting trim, Roo!

    Grats to Andre on a fine win! A typically solid run from Robert to score P2. Well done! Dag nails down the final podium slot. Ditto!

    Some misfortunes to note. Poor Tim with an early retirement. Where's a tow truck when you need one? Pelle losing the engine. Bad luck, gys.

    I had a decent run considering but fell afoul of some polos for a spin and wall banger. Lucky to proceed to score a P7.

    Apologies for the very late filing of a report on this round, chaps. Not been quite up to par for the last two weeks. Not ill. Just OD'd on GPL. To explain...

    The night prior to this race at Funa...a track I quite like, btw; just wish it had some elevations even if artificial...I ran the Clandestines Indy 250. That was 100 laps of the IMS circuit in GP55 cars. I ran non-stop as I could not pit and take a stretch as I would have been booted; later, I determined that I had a fault in one of the track files that allowed a pit stop without being forcibly retired. The race took 1-3/4 hours. I logged 98 laps to finish P4. I knew that I'd suffer the effort and it was some days til I felt recovered. My vision has not been well since and even now, even short runs in GPL cause profuse eye tearing. A grueling test was the OAO Targa challenge last weekend with two laps required to score. My eyeballs caved just half way through Lap01. Survived but it was anything but fun.

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    I know the OD feeling Doni and its pretty serious stuff. Last fall I was at the same place with one race blending in with the next. I found myself standing at the start waiting for the flag thinking "which league is this again..?" hardly knew where I was or who I was driving with and it was all mostly a blur. Two monster events back to back can knock the wind out of anybody , I hope you have enough left for a last run at Dijon before a well deserved summer break.

    Robert : I wouldnt mind "der ring" with the dg patch , sounds like a challenge. Im gonna post a thread for next season after Dijon where we can look at the calendar and other stuff for next year.

    Pelle : Dont wanna jinx it but the forum is working really well now. Also

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