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    I was out of fuel…
    Because I was in practice with 55 litres very slow and I was unsure if the tires would work in the last laps for me I decided to make a pitstop after the halv of the race.

    Unfortunately some weeks before I had unticked Lees refuel patch to test anything…
    It's a pity.

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    3wheels Report

    Grats Andre', Robert, Dag & to you all

    The day everything went wrong

    Tested pit'stop Patch just before the race - Exactly like Olaf, not enabled - but could join server in the last sec.

    Start Bjorn are heavy & lose locations (Rainer also comes very close, but no contact)...but take them back. A real fun fight with Dag...until it goes wrong & loses a wheel. Pitstop crew couldn't see I was missing a wheel & got only 3 new...until I put it in reverse.
    Later, exactly the same mistake & is on 3 wheels again...on the way to Pit I take a little walk on the grass to let Bjorn pass by, hitting an invisible wall, engine is dead

    Thanks to all of you again for a fun race on a little tricky track

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    Was happy with a PB in quali, but always knew André would be too strong in the Lotus. My aim was to try to be the best of the rest.

    Anyhow, had a decent start, but misjudged André's entry speed in Tamburello, and had to brake a little to avoid him. Then had to be defensive towards Tosa against Dag. Early laps could keep Dag behind, but after some laps went wide at Tamburello and lost all right side grip. Dag closed up but I was able to to maintain my position, also doing a push lap after that. But it's easy to overheat the tires here, and did develop understeer in the left handers, overheating my RF tire. But Dag made a mistake, arguably distracted by my lock up, and also Pelle suffered avoiding Dag.

    Dag rejoined and decreased the gap, also when I had a few bad laps putting tires in the dirt. On the final lap lost the fuel pressure out of Rivazza, but had enough margin to bring home a well earnt P2

    Quite a tough race, not so much with the wear, more with the balance and overheating tires, especially RF tire.

    Grats to André for a dominant win, and also great job Dag for P3. Well done finishers and commiserations to the DNFs.

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    Keswick, Ontario, Canada
    A fine victory for Andre on this tricky circuit. Well done. Robert a splendid run into P2 with Dag not far behind to claim the final podium honour.

    A pretty satisfying run to P5 for me with a P9 starting slot. At best, I was hoping for a P6 and then only if a few up ahead had dramas. I was pleased to set a personal best in Q just dipping into the 34's. The first two laps had me advance two positions which I promptly threw away with a bad run into the Ravezza that had me loop the Cooper and drop right back to where I began, P9. Start again, Doni. If I had trouble of a sorts, others had it in spades. Pelle's shunt and pit stop cost him a ton. Glad to see that he was able to finally resume only to run into an invisible barrier and have the engine destroyed. Very odd.

    I was astonished to find my pit board flashing me a P4 at one point. Mon Dieu! Whatever is going on? Bjorn had spun his Eagle early on to fall behind me, Rainer had not one but two offs to charge back and gun me down on the back straight both times. Tim shunted off into an early retirement and Olaf had refuel problems. Bad luck, gys. One last drama for me was a slip under braking for the Piratella that had me off into the grass and down on my knees praying not to spin. Made it. PHEW!

    Ran off the last laps with Bjorn closing but saw the checker in time to score that most welcome P5.

    Off to Bathurst/Panorama next where I'm looking for a good race if not a result. I was ill for the recent OAO event so it's my chance at some manner of redemption.


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    Start was difficult because of the small room between the cars - I couldn´t overtake, had to get off the throttle and therefor was overtaken when coming to Tosa, but could keep P5 and tried to find my rhythm. All went well until I thought of my girlfriend at the entrance of Piratella and that was it
    With a missing right front tyre I did it to the pits, but didn´t check the repairing/refuelling proceed, have to practise that..

    All in all the few laps were feeling good after my 2 weeks absence from racing.
    Thank you all for organizing this league!!
    hopefully cu next time on track again!


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    Grats to Robert and Dag joining me at the podium!

    I just had one of those days were it all came together.
    Setup was perfect, and had a really good balance in the car.

    A small mistake in sector 3 on my final qualifying lap, denied me the pleasure of diving in to the 1.30’s. With that said it was a really good lap with PB in all other sectors.

    Not a perfect start put me in to a close battle with Robert in to turn 1, I knew he was on the inside and tried to give room for us both.
    The rest of the race was quite comfortable. Trying to push with out over-driving the tires, and all in all that work well.

    See you all in Mt. Panorama.
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    Grats Andrč , Robert & myself , well done! Commiserations to those who didnt see the checkered flag.

    Registered contacts :

    1 1:33 R.Alpen/P.Buchner (race incident , no further action)
    2 11:06 T.Roedl lose a wheel
    3 12:20 P.Buchner lose a wheel

    Track: Imola Thu May 02 21:19:19 2019

    RACE RESULTS (After 28 laps)

    Pos No Driver Team Nat Laps Race Time Diff Problem
    1 8 Andre Jahren Lotus MON 28 43m36.067s
    2 11 Robert Fleurke Honda HOL 28 44m07.537s 31.470s
    3 7 Dag Johnsen Eagle NZL 28 44m10.028s 33.961s
    4 12 Rainer Alpen Brabham GER 28 44m34.484s 58.417s
    5 17 DoniDG Cooper CAN 28 45m11.462s 1m35.395s
    6 15 Bjorn L Finnestad Eagle SWE 27 43m40.624s 1 lap(s)
    7 14 Ferdinand Schulze BRM GER 27 44m05.470s 1 lap(s)
    8 13 Pelle Buchner Eagle DEN 16 27m11.104s 12 lap(s)
    9 18 Olaf Lehmann Lotus GER 14 23m17.376s 14 lap(s)
    10 16 Tim Roedl Honda AUT 6 9m38.624s 22 lap(s)
    11 19 tagomago Brabham SPA 0 0m00.000s 28 lap(s)

    Race results are unofficial
    (Replay might have been saved before end of race)


    Pos Driver Time Lap
    1 Andre Jahren 1m32.736s 7
    2 Pelle Buchner 1m33.016s 13
    3 Robert Fleurke 1m33.477s 7
    4 Rainer Alpen 1m33.703s 23
    5 Dag Johnsen 1m33.846s 13
    6 Tim Roedl 1m34.277s 6
    7 Bjorn L Finnestad 1m34.936s 12
    8 Olaf Lehmann 1m35.063s 4
    9 DoniDG 1m35.476s 11
    10 Ferdinand Schulze 1m36.231s 27
    11 tagomago No time

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    Sorry Pelle for my little half spin into T3. My entry speed was a little too high and the rear stepped out for a second. That sent you into the rails and for that Im sorry cause it was a good fight indeed. After that I could never seem to close the the gap to Robert and even if I had it seemed like a tall order to pull off an overtake. But a podium aint so bad..

    Bad luck Olaf , it sucks to be thrown off by details like that.

    Also bad luck Tim , women aint nothin but trouble but what can you do.. Nice to see you on track and welcome to the league.

    Havent seen what happened to Tago but again , bad luck and the next one will surely be better.

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    Race Imola 02.05.2019

    Grats to Andre for solid win, Robert and Dag for the podium!

    Familiar track, part of Historic rank. Well pace to testing and pre-qual.

    Happy to be near my pb. The Eagle need a lot of laps before I'm into the 32s.

    Race: Grid close to front against the fast guys. Start was slow, lot of lead in this added fuel... First gear is set up to the slow corners and not for the start (anyway it’s safer to avoid spinning). I lost positions, did it very careful, but don’t very worry for that, now I found the rhythm and progress to heat the tires. Maybe I relaxed then. The lap 3 I did a mistake I don’t understand, not full concentration to driving line, make the car understeer and was then out of control in contra slips. I had the downhill braking zone to this saving, very lucky but a mismatch in revs to car make a spin. No damage, but the rest of the field passed me. Continued in very fun laps, ended to 6th. Didn’t count laps to finish here.

    Pelle had to start behind me this time and did a fantastic start up the way in the field, very impressing. Bad luck for problems. When he was three-wheeler and I passed, Pelle hit this invisible bug outside edge of the curb. Not alone problems. I didn’t know then why Olaf don’t continue, I could see he entered pit when half race was done.

    Still need a better graphics update. I have them all to 2019, this is different to server-video version, but I still can’t see or believe this is really from the nice Italy country. The first version groove-less was very difficult to drive I remember. Today way better anyway. A very great track, tricky but interesting and fun to drive.

    Thx for the race, see you in Australia.

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