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    Hi, fellas!

    I have for the last several days been unable to access the F1HES forums. This happens occasionally. Haven't a clue as to why.

    Grats to Andre on a fine win! Great job by Robert to score a very worthy P2 in the Honda. And Dag, a fine P3. Well done, lads.

    When will I learn? After late-race offs in a couple of races last season, I resolved to exercise great caution in the dying laps as adhesion loss was a factor. Why, then, did I decide to go for my best lap of the race with only two laps to run? The lap started off just fine and it was looking good til I bungled Scierie with all of five miles to go. Tail out and off onto the infield grass smacking the fence. In recovery, I had hopes that I'd still be ahead of Bjorn. Yeah, sure... He sailed by to lead going into the last lap with a tidy and unassailable advantage. Sigh...

    Actually, I was gifted a position by Bjorn on Lap01 so I guess it was only proper that I return the favour. I fully expected to see his Eagle storm by on the back straight with a comfie speed advantage but it just never happened. Indeed, i was rather surprised to find that as we got into the last half of the race that I built up a reasonable cushion. Nothing like what I ultimately needed.

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    Hey Doni , the forum has been kind of moody lately but it seems to be in a decent mood now. Pelle is all over it and progress is being made.

    Tire degradation at Rouen was pretty severe , the last laps were kind of tricky. I suspect Spa will be somewhat of the same with many fast corners. Very gentlemanlike of you to "give" the place back to Bjørn , Im sure he feels the same.

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