Do not raise your arm when you are driving/rolling in the near of your pitstall in case you use Lees pitstop patch (refuel patch)! Otherwise you would stranding like a fish out of water.

During my private practice sessions in this week it happens for two times after repairing the car. For the first time I thought I have damaged my engine in the moment of leaving my pit. After the second one I was perplexed for some days.

Now I found the reason: The refuel patch disactivates the throttle for the refueling time. No problem if you are standing at your pit and raise the arm.
But if you are driving or rolling in your pit area and raise your arm the incomplete refueling procedere would be stopped in the moment you are leaving your pit area. But the throttle is still disactivated. So you get no chance to come back to the your pit!

I have produced this problem because I changed my brake ballance in the moment of moving off after repairing (brake ballance adjustment patch uses raise arm command too). But the same will happen if anyone raise your arm because of other reasons.

So be careful!