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    PC Cases

    Actually a bit odd when you build or buy an expensive complete PC, you want to save money on things like PSU & maybe on Case.
    We have always been crazy with lots of light (blue LED) & therefore chose cases like Antec 900 or Zalman Z11 Neo each time we were disappointed with too much noise. Not to mention the mess with power & SATA cables, that made it a disappointment to look inside the window.

    For a little more money, we found this coming from Sweden: Fractal Design Define R6 TG Black (If you want black fans & drawers, choose 'Blackout' model) TG=Glass
    The result was big surprise, regardless of the loss of blue LED. With the included fans, it says close to nothing & wires are almost gone, almost siding & wondering if everything is was. The Corsair PSU is also completely hidden in the lower box.
    A little look, is it really true...yes, everything works
    This case has room for DVD, here with a LG Blu'Ray burner, 3xSSD (Crusial MX300+MX500+Intel M2) & 3xSATA3 (WD, black, blue & green) well you can still see graphics & sound cards

    Actually, one would think...there must be a huge mess on the other side.
    Again a surprise how brilliant this cabinet a picture of the opposite side of the glass: (With a Fan Hub that can be controlled in, FAN-Tastic Tuning)

    Definitely the best case we've had & still at a reasonable price...clearly recommended
    See many more fun details on this video

    You are welcome to show your solution to a case
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