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Thread: Up Helly Aa

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    Up Helly Aa

    WTF is "Up Helly Aa" I can here you saying...

    It seems although not many check down here based on the small number of topics but thought I would post this as we do have a Norwegen connection.

    As some may know January through March is the "Fire Festival" season on the Shetland Isles. It was always a bucket list item for Joanne and me but due to her illness it's now not likely we will ever make it.

    The largest of these is in Lerwick and this year it's on Tuesday 29th January (Main action starts at 19:00 GMT). Also for 2019 it is being streamed live on the Shetland Webcam site. ( ).

    Want top know what the hell I'm talking about?

    A lighthearted introduction here...

    So, if you find yourself at a loose end on Tuesday evening log in for a look. Perhaps we could organise a HIES gathering some day.

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    Maybe I have misunderstood something from another thread, I thought you should visit Shetland Isles, but it hurts me to hear your wife is too sick
    Fun to watch your Tube link from Shetland Isles, WTF...You stole from the Vikings

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