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    2018 season review.

    Time to wrap it up for this years season gents.

    And what a year its been for HIES. From being 5 - 6 drivers pr race at the start of the year to 11 drivers on the grid last night at mexico with one absentee and new drivers coming in for next season.How bout that.. Shaping the concept and creating the league as we go has been a real joy to be a part of and Im thankful that we have attracted such a solid field of drivers who truly hold themselves to the highest standards of sportsmanship in sim racing.

    I have however learned a valuable lesson about driving too much gpl and overextending myself across 7 leagues at one point. Absolute insanity and Ive paid a price for that lately as Im completely depleted and very glad the season is drawing to a close. Got one race left to drive.. yay..

    Next year Im cutting it down to two leagues. So 2018 has been a one off for me. I wanted to immerse myself fully and get some track time in all the chassis across multiple leagues to establish race stamina, gain more online experience and develop my racecraft first and foremost and I would say mission accomplished even though I mentally ran out of gas on the last lap in a sense. So it wasnt about pb`s as much and there hasnt been many of those in 2018 , its mostly been round and round for what must be thousands of km`s now till its all a blur..My race report from mexico would read something like : start , cars , grey , more grey , new lap , cars , grey , new lap , grey , car , spin , more grey.. you get the idea.

    Helluva sim this.. Thanks for the racing guys , its been a blast. Come january I`ll be hungry again. Have yourselfs a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

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    Yes, a great year - again - with GPL & not least, a league with DGP. What I mean, think about creating a league where GPL is harder than it already is
    I'm really proud we're still a lot in GPL & now have balls to run with DGP...GPL is old & we will not be younger, never thought in 1998 that I would still be active. Unbelievably there are still new ones so GPL survives

    @Dag: Yes, be careful not to throw yourself in too much & burn out. I have tried to throw me over other race sims...but the best kick is in GPL
    One thing I've always done, never offline, only on online limits a bit.

    My own year in GPL became a bit more limited, unselected league servers with ping over 100 (due to my close driving style) & other leagues I forgot race day (age maybe). A race I've remembered for several years, Long Night 'The Green Hell' (EOLC), mostly because it's 100% concentration for many hours & all cars in GPL will be used, this is really a good end of the year with GPL...unfortunately a race am not sure I can't do this year
    Thanks for the race here at HIES, we will be returning strongly next year

    Happy X-mas

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    So... My first season with the F1 Historic Esports League and I have to say that it was a real treat to discover this group and have some fine sim racing in GPL. My hat is doffed to the admins and Olaf for his unique DG patch.

    Hearty congratulations to Andre on his championship. Great pace and consistency. Dag a splendid P2 in the title chase with chances right up to the end. Great showing.

    I consider my several podiums and a P3 championship finish a real fluke. Far from the fastest, I was more often then not, lucky. I did not suffer the failure rates like Pelle and Rainer. Just look at Mexico as an example. Pelle seeming to head for a tidy win when the engine failed miles from the pits. Not a chance to get repairs. Rainer heading for a great finish when a tiny slip wrecked his car. I benefited enormously from each incident to grab a P2 finish.

    I had some terrific races with the likes of Bjorn, Ferdinand and Olaf. The thing that I take away from those battles is that the close racing was scrupulously fair and well-judged. No banzai pass attempts and risky moves to put me in jeopardy much less wrecked. Trust me... After far too many incidents in another league earlier this year, it was a joy to discover the F1 Historic group.

    As for the DG patch, I did not experience its full potential til Aintree when on the very last lap, I spun away a podium due to reduced adhesion. This caught me entirely by surprise and should have been a lesson learned. It wasn't. Not til Watkins Glen when again, late in the going, I lost control under throttle to have a lurid spin with dire consequences for Olaf and John. Still hang my head in shame over that one. Tyre wear was almost certainly figuring in the error and I took that to the bank at Mexico. Running non-stop, I was very careful in the final quarter of the race to score that lucky podium by being mindful of the tyre wear distinction.

    For 2019, I'm looking forward to more great racing with F1 HistoricES. Be hard to improve on it, though. That won't stop me from trying!

    Have a great holiday season, chaps!

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    My last GPL season was in 2016 (F1Legends). I missed the DG features very much. At the end of this year I decided to finish my GPL career.
    In 2017 I was total abstinent from online racing.
    In spring 2018 I had driven some GPBikes races (In real live I have more interest on MotoGP racing than in four wheel racing). But there was some issues in the simulation (it's in BETA state) and a lot of online racers were like young children (overtaking in run off areas and so on).
    In summer/fall 2018 I start at historicseports and (on the Thursdays between historicesports races) I participated in a german rFactor2 GT3 league.
    I knew one race every week is too much to me (I'm astinished about the many, many races of Dag.) My prognostic was that I would abandoned the historicesports races after the second or third race - I remembered the very small number of participants in Jani Postas DGP Cup in 2016.
    But I canceled the rFactor2 Cup after four races - although in the german league were more participants the historicesportraces were more exciting.

    I'm very pleased for the next season here!

    What I had missed a bit is the dirtgearpatch. I remember in the EOLC DGP races sometimes one driver had lost the second, another driver the fourth gear. This situations were very funny. And it was an additional challenge because then for some corners the braking point was hard to find because of the lesser engine braking.

    But well...I know I can't have everything - historicesports is an absolutely PRO league.

    Another thing I have noticed is: I.e. at Solitude I had touched some crash barriers often and I get no noticable suspension damage. To my taste GPL could be a bit more realistic. In this case we would have more Drama in the races.
    I'm wondering about the fact that GPL offline seems to be more realistic. Have you noticed the same thing as me?

    BR Olaf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olaf Lehmann View Post
    I'm wondering about the fact that GPL offline seems to be more realistic. Have you noticed the same thing as me?
    I think you're right Olaf. Not sure if it has to do with the server and the connections/lag, but also in my experience it's easier to damage the car offline at Pro.

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    Just to echo others comments. I've had a blast in this series. Wasn't even aware of it until a chance posting by Dag in one of the oAo forum threads this year. My time was quite restricted during 2018 due to a family illness and I had already dropped out of GTL completely and reduced my UKGPL participation down to only 1 series so I could concentrate on winning the oAo (D2) championship and wasn't even sure I could fit HIES in as well.

    But the more I tried it and began to understand the patch the more hooked I became. In short I can't wait for next season. The single chassis will be quite a challenge and I hope I don't find myself marooned in a sea of Lotus and Eagles. Difficult to see what else the league needs other than more drivers. Hats off to everyone who has worked to get us to the current stage. Hopefully things can only get better.

    Interesting what you say about the damage online and offline. Yes I agree with you. I think the reason is because the GPL collision model sucks online due to FPS and latency between the server and the player. I guess offline GPL recognises you have hit a barrier almost immediately whereas online due to latency GPL thinks you are much further into what ever you hit by the time everything catches up so the damage is more severe It seems compounded when running @ 36fps as well..

    Nice to see another MotoGP fan Olaf. I can't really get into Moto2 for some reason but I really like Moto3. A bunch of adolecents blasting round on motorbikes what could possibly go wrong. Some great races in that class.

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    If they seem ok it's probably you.

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    As you have all said, great season, thanks to you all
    I would have liked to have been more competitive but I was searching for as pure a driving experience as I could with 3 pedals for the first time in competition. Then add dgp as well it was too much for my brain to compute
    That experience is as close to a pure race car driving experience as I could have hoped for, I guess. My appreciation of my heroes has risen further, their skill & bravery ... :bowdown: I learned a lot this past season & plan to continue to learn to drive these beautiful monsters

    You have created a great league & I'm glad more people are continuing to join. Olaf's patch adds so much more to GPL, it was why I joined the championship, that extra dimension

    For 2019, I will join as much as I can but sadly I won't be able to do the whole season as hoped. Real life sometimes throws you a curve ball, mine is at least a good ball
    I will be away on a climbing trip to Australia, Tasmania & NZ from mid feb to mid may, so will miss from Bikernieki to Imola most likely. Shame as 3 of my favourite tracks are in that period

    A good break from GPL will do me good too. 2 leagues last season, a little too much for me, 7 !! crazy man

    Still some time to pre-qual for Kyalami, phew. See you on track guys, happy new year

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