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    Grats Rainer , Bjørn & Pelle - Well done.

    Track: Watglen Thu Dec 06 21:48:38 2018


    Pos No Driver Team Nat Time Diff Laps
    1 12 Pelle Buchner Eagle DEN 1m04.407s 27
    2 8 Andre Jahren Lotus MON 1m04.657s 00.250s 44
    3 13 Rainer Alpen Brabham GER 1m05.066s 00.659s 20
    4 18 Bjorn L Finnestad Eagle SWE 1m05.328s 00.921s 13
    5 7 John Hammonds Lotus GBR 1m05.621s 01.214s 10
    6 16 Dag Johnsen Brabham NZL 1m05.709s 01.302s 32
    7 14 Ferdinand Schulze Eagle GER 1m06.375s 01.968s 10
    8 17 Olaf Lehmann Lotus GER 1m06.427s 02.020s 28
    9 15 DoniDG Honda CAN 1m07.080s 02.673s 9
    10 11 'rew Mellor Lotus GBR 1m07.764s 03.357s 11

    All times are official
    Generated with GPL Replay Analyser

    Track: Watglen Thu Dec 06 21:48:38 2018

    RACE RESULTS (After 40 laps)

    Pos No Driver Team Nat Laps Race Time Diff Problem
    1 13 Rainer Alpen Brabham GER 40 44m30.472s
    2 18 Bjorn L Finnestad Eagle SWE 40 44m45.137s 14.665s
    3 12 Pelle Buchner Eagle DEN 40 45m05.074s 34.602s
    4 16 Dag Johnsen Brabham NZL 40 45m21.473s 51.001s
    5 15 DoniDG Honda CAN 39 44m54.938s 1 lap(s)
    6 17 Olaf Lehmann Lotus GER 39 45m01.004s 1 lap(s)
    7 7 John Hammonds Lotus GBR 37 41m18.462s 3 lap(s)
    8 14 Ferdinand Schulze Eagle GER 33 36m56.320s 7 lap(s)
    9 11 'rew Mellor Lotus GBR 25 29m28.906s 15 lap(s)
    10 8 Andre Jahren Lotus MON 18 19m51.509s 22 lap(s)

    Race results are unofficial
    (Replay might have been saved before end of race)


    Pos Driver Time Lap
    1 Pelle Buchner 1m04.929s 26
    2 Andre Jahren 1m05.397s 6
    3 Rainer Alpen 1m05.597s 9
    4 Bjorn L Finnestad 1m06.094s 12
    5 John Hammonds 1m06.104s 12
    6 Ferdinand Schulze 1m06.314s 21
    7 Dag Johnsen 1m06.343s 8
    8 Olaf Lehmann 1m06.369s 6
    9 'rew Mellor 1m06.905s 23
    10 DoniDG 1m07.529s 15

    As for the incident on lap 38 Olaf is clipped by Doni who spins and Olaf goes off. He then makes what I would call an "unsafe re entry" coming back to track onto the racing line and John has nowhere to go. The speed makes it an invevitable DNF for John.

    3 stewards are now in place for next season to rule on incidents like these.

    We all share the inclination to not loose more time than necessary when racing in gpl and that causes us to sometimes make unsafe decisions and moves. I would add however that after 9 races with this format we are left with only a handful of incidents and the the whole field shows a high degree of sportsmanship and will to keep it clean in the races. But in gpl its bound to happen from time to time.
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    Doni : Yes there will be a review thread , I will post it after the mexico race next week.

    Jani : Bummer to hear this , it would have been great to see you on the grid. If you check your message thread with me over at weekly I think you will find the race pswd there. In any case I will send you a pm here on the forum.

    Pelle : Dont know what to say about the tire management other than practice makes perfect I suppose. I was struggling massively yesterday towards the end and thought for a sec I might have to pit for fresh rubber but managed to eek my way to the finish but the wear was pretty severe on the glen. Think I was doing 1:08s in the last laps.

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    Have always had problems here at WG with tyretemp rear, but after countless changes on setup it became better before the race. I therefore don't understand that my tires disappear so fast. Yes, I'm slide a bit with the rear, but avoid almost the whole race without blocking & tires are gone after 5 laps
    Qual was also a little weird, after several days on server with practice. Here my tires were gone on 2 laps, but in qual I couldn't get them up in temp & on Pribluda they were in blue

    Maybe too much slide in Powerslide ... same year as GPL
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    Fantastic race! I had very fun driving. This short track is a challenge to get the right traction and line where the tires overheat easy. Grats to Rainer and Pelle! Grats to all at the grid too!

    Training: Understeering at the Esses was the first problem, and I was far from my ten years old lap time. Did a lot of diff-settings. Defaults don’t work, had to use a downloaded asymmetric, and try different diffs. Here it was very many laps and setups to try. Fun testing on the server. A clean lap at training modus offline improved my Eagle time a little after hard works. When pushing many laps, the left tire overheating and the right still cool, but in control when smoother braking.

    Practice: 1:05.328 was a good lap, no chance to improve this by more laps.

    Race: From the start John overtakes me. His Lotus in front and Dag’s Brabham back, I was able to hold the line and the distance from Dag. Had lot of fun when fighting the car and avoid missing. After some laps there was more distance. Noticed something had happened in front and cars to pit. Later, then I heard a fast Eagle , this was Pelle’s with new tires and he overtakes me at the straight . I see in front Pelle’s engine blow and disappeared to pit again.
    At lap 38 in front of me, collision, had time to slow, John was hit and ended his race, too bad, two laps before finish .

    Thanks for organizing the races! I look forward to next races here at F1Historics.

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    Another really disappointing performance from me
    I'm getting a little frustrated with these stupid errors, I struggling to adapt to the h-shifter & clutch.
    Anyway, it's all down to not practicing enough, so no-one but myself to blame.

    Never been a big fan of watkins, the Loop catches me out too often, as does the final turn. Thursday was no different

    Hopefully I can make it next week, I have a friend visiting... if not, thanks for the season & see you next year

    Grats podium & finishers, & my greatest appreciation to the admin team

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