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    In the Westwood livestream I have watched the practice for a longer time than the others.
    So I saw as many times the focus was on slow driving people: Drivers that leave the pits or drivers in the first slow lap out of the pits.
    I think now the practice should be much better.
    In the versions before version 8a in all cases the focus changes in the moment when a car passes an other. Now the focus doesn't change in practice (except two drivers leaves the pit at the same time) and it doesn't change in race in case of overlapping.
    It means: Before an overlapping monouvre the focus will be set before the overlapping to the "overlapper"(the faster driver) and stays after the overlapping at the faster driver.
    Only when the two cars are in the same racelap the focus will changing in the moment of passing.

    By the way I have increased the "discrimination factor" from the last version a bit.
    BR Olaf

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    This sounds like great news Olaf. Three thumbs up.

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