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    Test server running VROC

    Now we are going on a long weekend in 'summer house', but whatever...I want to stay updated anyway with new.
    A little fun, here

    Pelle_B 04-12-19, 11:22 Go to last post

    Test server running VROC

    Now it says version 8 on VROC.

    We are in the process of moving our website so its down atm. Be back up shortly.

    Dag_J 03-12-19, 21:48 Go to last post

    Calendar 2020

    Copy that Olaf , I do however think that this might be a newer version of Sandown. The foldername is sand68.

    I do hope we can run this one

    Dag_J 02-12-19, 23:59 Go to last post

    Open question concerning our starttime.

    The later, the better...perfect especially in the summer when the sun is low in the windows & you have to run GPL with sunglasses

    Pelle_B 02-12-19, 23:47 Go to last post