View Full Version : New date for round 14 , Road America.

19-09-19, 09:17
Hi all.

The Road America race has to be either moved up or pushed back a week. So either Sept 26th or Oct 10th are the alternatives. It was originally scheduled for Oct 3rd.

Sound off if you have a preference.

19-09-19, 12:50
26th here ;)

Olaf Lehmann
19-09-19, 13:28
26th too.

Doni Yourth
19-09-19, 16:19
At this point, I'm OK with either. That may change, however, as these days, my life is in a constant state of flux.

19-09-19, 16:42
Sept 26th or Oct 10th
I'll take them both :laughs:

19-09-19, 20:52
Ok , then it looks like it will be sooner rather than later.

Road America , round 14 will be re - scheduled for September 26th , one week away.

Going once...

Robert Fleurke
20-09-19, 10:41
OK with me :)

20-09-19, 10:59
Going twice...


Road America will be driven 26th of September.