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23-03-19, 03:58
This Forum is because we love the F1 race cars from 1967...but what are you actually driving :uhm:
Your car doesn't have to be new & not a racing car, would be fun if you really have a 1967 model :naughty:
You can tell how many HP your car has & if you like to run fast in reality & more.

Note: If you upload a picture in the Forum, it will only be members who can see it.

Starts the thread with a car that unfortunately is not mine, but one of my friends, FIAT 500

24-04-19, 01:55
Nice! I think my granddad had one like this in Malaysia

25-04-19, 01:59
Hope you can find a picture so we can compare. A little fun when I was a kid, our neighbor got one, but not as a station wagon.
Actually, I don't feel good when I see old Fiat, it always reminds me of my first car I got on my 18th birthday...a Fiat 850 Special. Not quite correct, my first one was on a Friday & was red, discovered the day after it was not a Special model with more HP & got it replaced on Monday...in maybe the ugliest color in the World :bad: ...it quickly got double exhaust so you noticed more of the noise :D

Rate the color yourself...or guess a color :uhm:


19-05-19, 17:44
Ok, I start...but unfortunately I have no racing car, no matter I try to make it look like one :D

The car is a Ford Mondeo MK4 (after 2011 & to 2014 called MK4.5 which now switched to MK5) & this MK4.5 got a little new design & shift from Volvo to PSA engine, an engine made in collaboration between Ford & Peugoet.
At first, I didn't know if I should cry or laugh when I could see Peugoet in the engine room...on a Ford :O However, it runs great, especially with V-Power ;)
The biggest surprise came when I discovered that all Ford (PSA DW10) engine was born with 163HP & whatever you buy a 140HP, 163HP software is still there :shades:
Many things have been changed on mine, LED inside & many things out, Diffuser behind & Ford metal pedals waiting to be put on. Thursday, it got 19" Ford alu rims (a rim I had never seen in reality) fitted with slightly wider tires than Ford recommends: Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 245/40/19 :yeah:
Pic #2 is taken in Sweden (Barsebäck)...not V-Power, but Nuclear-Power in the background :bomb:

Edit: Now with Ford Sport pedal plates aluminum

15-09-19, 16:28
Pelle's post looked so lonely here I thought I'd add one...
Sadly I don't have, nor never had, a 1967 car. The closest I got was my 1976 MG Midget (not mine in the picture). Fond memories :)
Currently I am sooo boring in my diesel astra (also not mine in the picture) :wink1:
But as for a race car, well this is as close I get :shades:

18-09-19, 17:58
@Roo: Maybe you made the same mistake as me, only very few or none pics of my old cars :(
I've gotten better with my last 3 Mondeo :photo:, but who thought of taking photos as a youngster that the cars would be classic & more of them I've had can be driven in GT Legends (http://www.gt-legends.dk/GTLDK/).
WOW, your MG is definitely a classic :thumbup:...great GPL setup with 3 screens :naughty: