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13-01-19, 13:39
Hi All

Practice server is now running over on IGOR.

Chat room : #hies (no pswd)

13-01-19, 15:21
I think this is a good idea & more will discover server :thumbup:

iGOR Chat: First man in HIES Chat (or the man with the pink dot) press 'S' & now is closed for spam.

Robert Fleurke
15-01-19, 11:31
Might be an idea to put the Pitstop71(dg) description at the server (60fps as well). Now it looks like a normal 67s 36fps server, and ppl don't realize why they can't join arguably ;)

15-01-19, 12:49
Good idea Robert,

Will update the server information when I get back from work.

Olaf Lehmann
15-01-19, 16:07
An complete other thing:
I'm looking for the pit board and can't find it in the paradise. :O So a pitstop wouldn't be possible because whe don't know where we have to stop.
As I remember correct at the new SPA67 we have the same issue.

BR Olaf

15-01-19, 18:29
I havent had any issues with the pitboard at surfers. These are the track.ini settings I have

[ pit_lane_0 ]
lane_on_right = 1 ; 0 if lane on left, 1 if on right
lane_has_wall = 0 ; 0 if no pit wall, 1 if pit wall exists
lane_bounds_dlong = 2600.00 50.0 ; start/end dlong of the pit lane
lane_bounds_dlat = -17.0 -10.0 ; start/end dlat of the pit lane
pit_board = -6.0 3100.0 -100.0 100.0 ; dlat of board, dlong of board, dlong LOS start, dlong LOS end (last 2 not used)

15-01-19, 20:56
An complete other thing:
I'm looking for the pit board and can't find it in the paradise. :O So a pitstop wouldn't be possible because whe don't know where we have to stop.
As I remember correct at the new SPA67 we have the same issue.

BR Olaf


You do see the pit line pitboard when you enter pit line after a lap or two. It's not there when you start but it's there when you go back in to the pits. at least it is for me.

BR André

15-01-19, 22:01
I´ve edited my track.ini surferpa:
pit_board = 6.0 1400.0 -100.0 100.0
These editings are possible in every track, you have to test it with some laps, where you want to see the pitboard without disturbing your driving.

Doni Yourth
16-01-19, 00:49
Placing the pit board at any significant distance from the S/F line can potentially have a downside. I suggest that you give this...


...a very close look, Ferdi.

For Surfer's, I'm using...

pit_board = -6.0 3195.0 -100.0 100.0

PS: Nice BRM lap time on the practice server, Ferdi!

16-01-19, 07:46
Ah.. I think Olaf means the pitstall board.

Doni Yourth
16-01-19, 11:25
Yes, I'm sure that he does, Dag. My post was of a cautionary note regarding the pit guy showing the pit board with in-race data. As a case to avoid confusion re terminology, I use the term, pit placard, for what you should see in your pit stall.

Olaf Lehmann
16-01-19, 15:09
Yes I meaned the placard - not the virtual "flying" pitboard.
All OK now. I had the wrong track (Surfers Paradise - like is is written in the calendar), not Surfers Paradise 68. At this track I get claustrophobia. I'm relieved that we drive at the SF68.

BR Olaf

23-01-19, 23:39
Anyone else having trouble joining the server via Igor?

I've tried countless times and just cannot get in, I jut keep getting...
"Timed Out opening communcation channel".

I have no issue joining any other server I have tried.

I have no issue joining HIES via IP directly from GPL and it goes in 1st time every time. But Igor seems to be a no go for some reason. :(


24-01-19, 08:15
Ok thats strange cause its the exact same issue Doni had over at VROC... partly the reason for switching to IGOR and now its jumped to John. :think:

Since the IP route works it has to be some sort of setting somewhere. Haha , hows that for a diagnosis...? Not sure John but as long as you can join thats the most important thing. There are others who are more wise than me in matters such as these.

Robert Fleurke
24-01-19, 11:58
I did need 3-5 attempts to go in last night. It did time out, but kept on trying and got in...

24-01-19, 12:10
Switch to new ISP tomorrow, but got a shock here in the middle of the day, my old ISP turned off before the day was over=no race??? :O
Again, my mobile phone could save the situation (USB sharing) but without opening ports to GPL & iGOR?...it worked :heheh:
"Timed Out opening communication channel", but pressed OK to join again & I was inside & could say Hi to Andre'.
Ping to server has risen from 32/32 to about 60/60, but hope it's ok. Whatever Ping is higher, a little surprised at the speed from a mobile through USB (https://www.speedtest.net/result/d/be22efdc-bb4f-4a51-be54-87e9e29ed0ec) to my PC.
@John, has put a picture of my settings in GEM+

Bjřrn Finnestad
24-01-19, 16:44
Didn't come in always at first try, but no problem. This track has very low fps for me when online (and all test-times at Surfers Paradice), I reduced the resolution and put low-res files in. Tested now and still low fps. It happens more random times generally, (but it have to be better after a time at track). I have to try more for to solve it. Is it onely me, or have others low fps too?

24-01-19, 16:58
I dont measure fps rate but it seems a little off here and there for me as well.

26-01-19, 17:00
server has been mutating for a while now, can someone reset it?

26-01-19, 17:41
Ive alerted Andrč but Im not sure if he is home to reset.

26-01-19, 19:25
thanks & no worries :)

28-01-19, 08:15
Server is back up.

04-02-19, 11:40
Hi all,

I not happy at all with the move to IGOR. It seams to be much more unstable, especially when I want the server to run continuously in a 2 week period.
Due to my living arrangement and weekend activities, I might not be home for a couple of days, and having a server that needs to be restarted almost every day is a bad combination.

From Thursday this week I moving the main server back to Vroc, then the backup server(with no live updates of the pre-qual list) can be running on IGOR.

BR André

Olaf Lehmann
05-02-19, 08:25
In EOLC we had equal problems with the Server. After 10 days the server stopps his work.
Our IT guru said the gpl doesn't clear the memory correct.
So we started the Server completely new once a week and had no problems anymore.

05-02-19, 08:59
Thanks Olaf,

That might be the issue. I have an older PC running the server, and that might be why I experience this every second day. The strange thing is that this is only an issue when I use IGOR.

BR André