View Full Version : How long until we get one of these on our phone?

09-01-19, 11:39
Probably long after I've shuffled off my mortal coil.

A bit quiet in here so if you have a few hours to spare. . .

A 195 Gigapixel camera showing the skyline of Shanghai.


Roam around the picture and zoom in and out to distant objects. Amazing depth of field and detail. (I've checked to see if I can find anyone having a quickie with the curtains open. No luck so far). :D

It's not even the highest resolution. There is one of Kuala Lumpur @ 846 Gigapixels but it's at night so clarify suffers.

Just realised the 846 gpxl image has a toggle to swith between night and day. :doh:

So it's here...



09-01-19, 15:36
Really nice :thumbup:...& here gives Explorer up, the experience is much better with Edge.