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05-11-18, 15:13
Race control 2019

"We race in accordance with standard racing rules. All races will be reviewed for infractions and rule violations. Penalties will be given in the form of added time if and when its warranted. +5 sec or +10 sec for minor rule violations. +20 sec (instead of drivethrough) and +30 sec (instead of stop n go) for more serious offenses. If penalties are warranted it will be added to the race report after the race and the race result will be adjusted accordingly. We have external stewards to review and impose penalties.

Each driver will have a points license of 6 points at the start of the season. Points will be deducted from a drivers license under the following conditions.

Drivethrough (20 sec penalty) – 1 licence point.
Stop n go (30 sec penalty) – 2 license points.
Endangering fellow drivers (reckless driving) or unsportsmanlike conduct (both on and off the track) – 3 license points.
Each penalty free race regenerates 1 license point to a maximum of 6 for each driver.

If a driver runs out of license points he will not be allowed to partake in the Qualifying session of any race until a minimum of 1 license point is regenerated. (start at the back of the grid). Not complying with this will produce a 1 race ban. Should the driver still be uncompliant with these sanctions he will suffer a ban for the remainder of the 1st half or 2nd half of the season.

Track limits is not an issue , the dg patch takes care of that so we cut the track at our own peril. Should the driver however gain a clear advantage its expected that the driver compensates for this in the race or suffer a penalty in the form of a stop n go , like it is in real life racing." :boss:

(It should be added that we are not looking to penalise anybody and so far the racing has been exemplary in HIES. This is to ensure that the level of sportsmanship is maintained and that we all make a concerted effort to keep things clean and tidy to the best of our abilities)

27-11-18, 11:13
I discovered another little gem from Olaf called gpl_protest and I will utilize this to scan the rpys for incidents to be reviewed by stewards. Have tried it on multiple rpys now and it seems a very reliable tool.

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Lol , thats what they all say.. :D