View Full Version : Chatroom VROC now password protected.

31-10-18, 11:58
Hi all

The bots are strong on VROC and IGOR these days so we decided to protect our chatroom with a password.

Same as race password.

Doni Yourth
31-10-18, 15:27
Thanks for that, Dag.

01-11-18, 02:10

Oops, came to think about...this can go totally wrong :swoon:

Right now, where HIES Chat'room is empty in VROC, you can enter without a password.

Let's say on a race day, the first one comes in HIES without a password...
...that is, now HIES Chat'room is without password & all those who come with a password in HIES...they can't enter our Chat'room :laughs:

I hope I'm wrong, but one thing just to be tested :wink1:

In iGOR chat'room there is a pink 'S' (secret) to activate for the 1st in chat, but not in VROC :(